#4 Sunday – No sun, just a lovely rain

26 August

Today, it was raining all day. The sky was covered with clouds which was somehow my favorite weather. The rain wiped off all heat and gave us a gentle, chill wind to breathe and live on.

I was forced to walk down to the main street because there was no food left in my room. The guksoo (국수), Korean noodle warmed my belly. I rarely eat any hot food during summer but this one matched today’s weather perfectly.

This area I walked today was on the opposite side of my university. There were some restaurants, coffee shops and lots of convenient stores, like you can find one on every corner.

I went to Masi Gaay, an inexpensive coffee shop nearby and managed to grab iced dark chocolate. Now, in Korea, you have to decide before ordering whether you want to drink there or take away because if you get the plastic cup, you cannot sit in and drink at the shop. Otherwise, you will be fined.

I carried a book with me which I bought from Thailand on the day of my departure to Korea. The title was “the man you dream of.”

After that, I just walked to buy some food for dinner and tomorrow so I do not need to go out again. The rest of today, I was just busy with my laundry. It was so hard when everything was in Korean and you level is so low.

And that was my life in Daegu, a Keimyung student.










งมตู้หาคนที่ชอบ…นิ้วชา 555

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