#7 First day of Class, A real KGSP life begins

The new semester for the language program begins. The real different from studying the language in the university is that the class will take from 9 to 1 everyday, Monday to Friday.

And all I need to study is just Korean, Korean and Korean language.

Last week, all KGSP students at keimyung had to take the placement test to determine which level you will be in (1 to 6). I got level 3 but asked the teacher to let me study in level 2 because I was not confident enough with my Korean. I did not study or did anything with it since I graduate from college last year.

Today, I was in level 2 all day and ended up visiting teacher room to let me go back to level 3. The speed was quite slow (in my opinion). It might be just because I was used to the fast (and furious speed) at my college.

I went to Daiso in the evening to buy all stationary like notebook, pencil, post it which I had none.



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