#8 Apsan View

When in doubt, go hike.






I have never become interested in hiking until my Machu Picchu trip last year. It allowed me to connect with nature and the most importantly, my inner self. I felt calm, peace and comfortable with myself through and after hiking.

Yet mountain and I are true friends. She is my medicine, my escape and the way I could heal myself.

At first, my friends and I didn’t think about hiking in Apsan on that day, but we went off at the wrong but stop, so we walked a bit to the Apsan cable car, before taking it up to Apsan observatory which is our true destination to watch sunset.

It was a short walk but encouraged me to come again to do the longer trail.

Sunset is beautiful. It comes and gone before coming again repetitively. But we, humans, still are still looking forward to watching it. Everyday is the same but different beauty.

Apsan observatory – Daegu, South Korea

– Take a bus to Apsan Park and walk a little bit to the cable car. It costs 9500 won round trip (7500 one way). Some people hike up to watch sunset and take the cable car down (because it’s somehow too dark to walk)

Hide and Seek with Mr. Sunshine






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